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Poll results will display after you vote on each question.  Have fun!

P.S.  Polls are strictly for fun, and totally anonymous.
Which signup method do you prefer?
Request Forms
Sign-Up Sheet
Computerized Rotation/Sign-Up
I usually just yell my name across the room
What's your favorite duet?
Picture - Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
Summer Nights - Grease
I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
Love Shack - The B-52's
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John & Kiki Dee
Close My Eyes Forever - Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford
Anything by Meat Loaf
I don't see my favorite
Duets are for losers
I make up my own duets
You're singing a song, and the original artist walks in.  Do you:
Stop singing
Sing louder
Scream and run
Invite them to sing with you
Offer them the mic, then go hide in the bathroom
Whip out your phone and Instagram
When someone sings a song you normally sing, how does it make you feel?
Doesn't bother me at all
Mildly annoyed
No problem....I'll just sing one of theirs
Makes me cry in my PBR
Pisses me off....'cause I'm sure they did it just to screw with me
I want to murder them with a golf pencil
What kills the energy of a karaoke show the fastest?
Too many slow songs
KJ talking too much
Dead air between songs
Long rotation
Dedicating a song to someone who's dead
Dedicating a song to someone who's undead
Which of these artists attracts the drunkest singers?
Whitney Houston
Celine Dion
Meat Loaf
Grease songs
The guy who sings American Pie
Should the song 'Hallelujah' (Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley) be sung at karaoke?
Sure, why not? It's a beautiful song
Go ahead, I'm not really listening anyway
Kind of a downer, but if the singer's good, I don't mind
Sad songs suck. If it's played at funerals, don't sing it at karaoke
Makes me want to commit suicide. Please take it out of the book
Only if the singer buys the whole bar a round of Prozac shots
How many times per night should the host sing?
First song only
1-2 times
3-4 times
At the top of every rotation
Only when it's slow
When donkeys fly. I came here to sing...not listen to the KJ
KJs:  What's the most annoying thing singers do?
Swing the mic
Scream into / Bang on the mic
Cup / Cover the top of the mic (causes feedback)
Lean on equipment
Switch songs at the last minute
Talk too much / Make speeches
Ask every two seconds when they're up
Jump onstage with other singers (uninvited)
Who's your favorite Ventura County KJ?
Brian - Sans Souci / The Garage
Captain Kirk - Lookout Bar & Grill
Carlos - Season Ticket / Butera's
Hutch - Gigi's / Moose Lodge
Isaiah - Golden China
KJ Double A - Fiamme
Leigh - Dolce Vita / Top Deck
Mary - Billy O's
Matt - Tony's Keynote
Robin - Paddy’s / Outlaws
Scott - Paddy’s / Harley’s
Steve Luke - O'Leary’s
Susan - Gigi's / VFW
Vic - PC’s Bar & Grill
I don't see his/her name here (email and let us know so we can add them)
My favorite KJ works outside Ventura County
I was WAY too friggin' drunk to remember who was hosting
Somebody was hosting? Really?

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